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Staging your Mountain Cabin to Sell Staging your Mountain Cabin to Sell
Making your Home as Appealing as Possible

It is important to understand that you don't have much time to impress a buyer. In most cases prospective home buyers form an opinion about the cabin you have for sale in the 1st minute or so. The clock starts ticking when we pull in the driveway well before the buyer get's in the cabin. In a soft market, because it's so competitive, it is more important than ever to tilt the playing field in your favor?

We could define staging as making your home as appealing as possible, as quickly as possible, as cost effectively as possible, to the broadest clientele you can. The driving idea behind staging is to let prospective buyers imagine themselves living in your home or cabin. Staging is all about presentation allowing your home to show better than others in the area.

Mountain Cabin Curb Appeal

  1. Curb Appeal We know that buyers formulate an opinion the minute they see your home or cabin. Make sure the driveway is in good repair, a steep, muddy, rutted out driveway is a real turnoff for most buyers. Keep the yard maintained and nicely landscaped, weeds growing 3' high shows the cabin has been neglected. A small amount of landscaping goes a long way, so plant flowers and mulch the beds, a little color will make a huge difference in your homes curb appeal.

  2. The front porch- is where prospective home buyers spend a good bit of time, as they wait for the door to be unlocked. Make sure it is clean and free of cobwebs and the exterior satin is in good condition. Another tip is to make sure your real-estate agent's lockbox is on or near the door you want them to enter. Some agents will put it on a side door, back door, propane tank, swing or some other hard to find place. The goal is to make it easy to show and to have the potential home buyer experience your house the way you want them to.

    De-clutter your Mountain Cabin

  3. De-clutter- This is staging's golden rule get rid of the old newspapers, mail, laundry, and put away some of those knickknacks. Clutter eats up equity!!!! You want people to visualize their stuff in your house and not spending precious time analyzing your stuff. This also applies to furniture. Evaluate your furnishings and put anything you don't need in storage to give the house a better sense of spaciousness and movement. Make sure you highlight the focal point of the room, such as arranging chairs around a fireplace in an inviting setting. Clean off the kitchen counters too.

  4. Keep the house clean- This may go without saying, but keeping the house clean is equally as important as de-cluttering. Pressure-washing outdoor decks and porches can do wonders for a home's first impression. One place homeowners can never clean enough is the bathroom. Check your exterior siding a fresh coat of stain may you cabin show better.

  5. Pack up your personal items - You want your home to be neutral and balanced. Remember you are trying to sell your home, not your personal tastes, and you never know what may turn off would-be buyers. The goal is to make your house appeal to everyone and turn off no one. Put away the family photos and religious items, I have had buyers turned off by religious items and those who spent more time looking at family photos that looking at the house. You do not have to get rid of everything but packing up some of the items you will have to move anyway might be a good idea.

    Mountain Cabin

  6. Get rid of the odors- A house that smells odd to a prospective homeowner -- whether because of a cat's litter box, cigarette smoke, or dogs, or exotic food -- can easily be a deal breaker. Ask someone you trust to give you an honest answer whether your home has a distinct odor. Then tackle the problem, by steam-cleaning the carpets and furniture, moving litter boxes elsewhere, scrubbing the kitchen, etc. If you have damp or musty smelling basement get a dehumidifier immediately. Otherwise just open windows a few minutes before a showing to let in fresh air.

  7. Spacious homes sell- You want to make your house feel as spacious as possible. Bedrooms should contain only a bed, nightstand and dresser. Too much furniture and clutter make the house feel small.

  8. Lighten up- You want as much light to come in as possible, open the blinds. You want people to come in and say, 'I could live here. It's nice and bright.' The knock on may cabins is that they are too dark so open the blinds and turn on the lights before each showing.
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