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Spend Less on Electricity this Summer

Record heat this past week makes it harder to keep your cabin cool, straining A/C systems and budgets. Below I have compiled a simple few energy saving tips to increase comfort and save some bucks even on the hottest days.

  • Change or clean your air conditioners filter monthly. You do not want a restricted air flow.

  • Clean the outside condensing unit of leaves, shrubbery and debris that can restrict air flow through the condenser.

  • Use your ceiling and Oscillating fans to move the air in the house. Moving air makes the temperature to feel cooler and may allow you to set the thermostat a couple degrees higher than you might otherwise. Each degree you increase the temperature setting saves about 3% in your cooling cost.

  • Avoid unnecessary trips in and out of the house which let in hot air. I just love when my wife stands with the door wide open for 10 minutes trying to get the cats in.

  • Plan to do hot work like cooking and laundry during the cooler times of day.

  • Summer is a great time to use the grill and avoid heating up the kitchen with the oven and burners on the stove.

  • Many appliances like TV's and computers generate heat and should be kept well away from your thermostat.

  • Light bulbs also throw off quite a bit of heat. By you replacing your traditional light bulbs with compact fluorescent lamps you can save on energy used and reduce heat at the same time. Incandescent bulbs waste 95% of their energy in heat. CFL's burn cooler and use less energy a win-win deal.

  • Programmable thermostats can be set to allow the temperature to rise when you are away, and then start cooling the house down 30 minutes before you get home.

  • Air leaks, to me, represent poor workmanship that wastes a huge amount of energy. So try to seal them up with caulking and weather stripping.

Why is it so important to save electricity? Apart from the obvious fact that it saves your money, there is the bigger issue that it saves the world we live in along with it. Electric companies burn fossil fuels to generate the electricity that you get to use at your home. While Global Warming may be debatable saving money is something we can all agree upon.

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